Prepare your teen for acceptance into college & help find affordable college options


With thousands of colleges to choose from, coming up with a list of schools that match your teen’s academic, social and financial needs takes time. I start working with students early in their high school years to help them with career exploration, prepare for the rigors of college, and help discern what they need from a college. Waiting until your child is a senior in high school before starting this process can be a costly mistake.

I help families find affordable colleges by: finding schools that will offer them large ($15,000 per year or more) merit scholarships, recruit them as college athletes, and/or meet a high percentage of their need through grants and scholarships that do not have to be repaid.

During the process of selecting and applying to colleges, students can get a better sense of who they are, what unique gifts they have,  and who they want to become. I guide them and help them develop study skills and habits that will assist with their success in college.  Ultimately they learn a great deal about themselves during this life changing experience as I help them prepare for their transition of leaving home.

Allow me to do the research and sweat the details, so your son or daughter can enjoy high school and go through the college application process with less anxiety. Many families find that hiring an Independent Educational Consultant (IEC) reduces the tension between you and your teen. Allow me to help you find a college that is a good match for your teen’s needs and your budget.

Benefits of working with an Independent Educational Consultant:

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Patti Pears MA, NCC
Independent  Educational Consultant
College Admissions  Consulting
member:  HACAC